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Vancouver Island, BC: Places to Visit in Victoria, Tofino & Port Albernie

And, gentlemen, Tha Queen! Although Canada's voting position remains a closely-guarded secret, it kl likely that the Canadian delegation for the first time anil back the controversial Albanian resolution which demands that IVUng be admitted to the United Nations.

The negotiations an diplomatic recognition are going quite well, and unless there is a dramatic change of heart in Ottawa in the next few days. Canada is expected to vote for the motion urging that Peking be seated at the expense of the Chinese Nationalists The pnaalbility that some hitch might force Prime Minister Trudeau to change his mind on the China vote can not be ruled out entirely. The Nationalists have been told bluntly that not only will they have to leave Ottawa, but that the Nationalist consulate- general in Vancouver will have tn dose once Canada recognizes the Peking regttne.

China initially tried to force some kind of public declaration from the Canadians about Peking's sovereignty over Formosa. The Chinese probably knew all the time that the Trudeau government would never go ao far — hut In secret discussions, there seemed no harm In trying to gain such a concession from Canada.

In the same way as Canada would never expect the Chinese to back Ottawa's territorial claims Canada would neither accept nor challenge Peking's claims to sovereignty over Formosa. The matter of ownership of the island was something for the Chinese people and for the people on Formosa to work out among themselves, Sharp has said. Canadian officials have never put it In quite such terms, because Ottawa acknowledges the existence of Formosa or Taiwan as a de facto independent Island state.

At the same time. Therefore It would be consistent for Canada to back the resolution put forward by Albania. This motion calls for the restoration of the rights of the People's Republic of China. Many nations, including Canada until now. Peking has remained very rigid that this is the only kind of resolution it will accept. In other words, the Peking regime says it represents China became it won the civil war against Chiang. Ever since the 21st regular session of the UN general assembly in , Canada has been moving toward a new voting position.

That year, as well as in previous votes.

Vancouver Island Book of Musts - Peter Grant - Häftad () | Bokus

Canada abstained on the Albanian resolution, thus deserting the anti-Peking bloc led by the United States. By switching his vote this year from an abstention to one favoring the Albanian motion, the Canadian delegate in New York would be chalking up another plus as regards the next round of exchanges with the Chinese in Stockholm. These prebleme are atm aewte e a a agh is make maay haakers here a ad elsewhere Is Ksreepr believe that aaalher fraae c. Is believed he persalag the aaciear policy at de Gaalle Is fall, pi t —I n ie hatldjsg ap la the army sad navy, and ta a lesser exteat ia the air farce.

Is modify this paltry. It is suggested la the aati-aarlrar army lobby here that tf the present allotments of the hartget between nuclear and conventional equipment Is roatlnoed, H will be seven or right years, far example, before some of the Preach salts la Germany raa hope to receive any sew tracks.

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  8. All this Is reportedly worrying Gea. Foarqaet Is said to feel that such a swap wsald be desirable. Meanwhile some quiet reorganization of the French armed forces has been taking place which would make future co-operation short of re-integration. Plana for the rationalisation of the comma ad structure of the French Army were put into force last July following the cancellation la IMt of the H-Bomb teat as part of the maatsrlty measures.

    The five ground combat divisions — two mechanised In Germ—y and three In western France — are asw under one command.

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    In Ktrashourg eastern France. It Is expected that the resumption of close ro-oprration between America and France in defence will be the subject of discussion when President Pompidou visits Washington early next year. The danger obviously Is of ever-increasing support fcJ- the comtneLndoa from the desperate and frustrated thousands in refugee camps.

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    Then they tell you that this makes you the best in the world and you have to believe it. When you go home on leave you have toe attitude. For each atrocity that comes to light there are probably hundreds that never do. For each brutalized Marine brought to justice, countless go free.

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