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Donald Trump

Franklin Delano Roosevelt — Harry S. Truman — Dwight David Eisenhower — John Fitzgerald Kennedy — He is experimental, an inventor and a builder who builds best when called upon to build greatly. Lyndon Baines Johnson — Richard Milhous Nixon — It is the uncrossed desert and the unclimbed ridge.

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It is the star that is not reached and the harvest sleeping in the unplowed ground. Only in losing himself does he find himself. Those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself. Gerald Rudolph Ford — James Earl Carter, Jr. Compromise is the oil that makes governments go.

Our common vision of a free and just society is our greatest source of cohesion at home and strength abroad—greater than the bounty of our material blessings. Ronald Wilson Reagan — George Herbert Walker Bush — And that makes us special among the nations of the earth. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. William Jefferson Clinton — George Walker Bush — But if you learn from them, you'll be a better person.

It's how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit. If we have no sense of community, the American dream will wither. Transcending our history is essential.

We are not limited by what we have done, or what we have left undone. Swift told Rolling Stone :. There are so many influences that go into that particular song. I wrote it a couple of months after midterm elections, and I wanted to take the idea of politics and pick a metaphorical place for that to exist. And I think a lot of people in our political landscape are just feeling like we need to huddle up under the bleachers and figure out a plan to make things better.

I really think that Trump thinks this is an autocracy. I was just trying to protect my mental health — not read the news very much, go cast my vote, tell people to vote. I was literally about to break… I felt just useless.

“Living In Your Head Rent-Free” Is The Perfect Insult Of Our Times

And maybe even like a hindrance. I feel really remorseful for not saying anything. This song is about disillusionment with our crazy world of politics and inequality, set in a metaphorical high school. I wanted it to be about finding one person who really sees you and cares about you through all the noise. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. A week inside the U. Capitol as the impeachment inquiry enters a pivotal phase.

Here we go. Walk me through this. What does the impeachment inquiry actually look like on the ground? So, I mean, the crazy thing is that the house opened this impeachment inquiry a little more than three weeks ago now on their way out of town for a two-week recess. So members were scattered all over the country, meeting with constituents, holding town halls, while back here in the Capitol, a core group of staff members, basically, for the House Intelligence Committee and a couple of others, stuck around and began issuing subpoenas and requests, setting up the very first witness depositions for their investigation.

And so this week was the week that five of those depositions, one a day, were lined up, and lawmakers were going to be coming back. We had to meet up outside of the Capitol because it was Columbus Day, actually.

After a Kidnapping, a Lifetime of Haunted Regret

The press galleries and all the functional staff were not working here. So I had to escort them in specially. We walked inside and down three sets of stairs. So the three of us and a bunch of reporters were gathered around outside, basically waiting for any emissaries to come out of the room and give some sense of what was going on back there with the very first witness deposition. So it says something about this week that this room is where Congress is holding these hearings. This is an investigation that could result in an attempt to remove President Trump. And the earliest stages of the investigation, at least, are all being conducted out of public view.

And this has been a source of some contention early on. The first two interviews, totalling approximately 20 hours, not one single thing was said in those respective interviews that the American people should not be able to see, should not be able to hear. Republicans have really seized on it to accuse Democrats of, basically, trying to impeach Trump in private —.

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And the Democrats argue, though, that basically, this is investigative best practice. They need to find out the details. And this allows them, ideally, to move quickly and collect a lot of information efficiently. And then, they figure out, what have we found?

And they move that, then, into the public sphere. The rub, of course, is that this is Congress.

The Presidents of the USA - Lump

And politicians love to blab. They get information that looks damaging to the president. So for most of the day Monday, all I know is that this former White House official, Fiona Hill, is in there testifying. My feet are getting sore. Chit-chatting with other reporters. It seems pretty quiet.


And it was a long day. And, eventually, the sun goes down. Fiona Hill is still not done.

What Top Military Officers Really Think About Trump - The Atlantic

I just kind of had to go home. Because there was not a whole lot more reporting to do here. And it was only as I was walking back up to my apartment building that I started hearing from some sources and being able to piece together, over the next couple of hours, what had actually happened that day. And the testimony, it turns out, was pretty remarkable.

And the account that she gives is that there was a meeting earlier this summer in July where several other diplomats, including Gordon Sondland, a former Trump donor who had become ambassador to the European Union, met with some Ukrainian officials. Not a literal drug deal.

What does it do for the inquiry? So there are a couple things that I would say. One is that she implicates her boss, John Bolton, who is a boldface name in Washington. Nick, I guess I just have, like, a collegial inquiry here. But we do learn some pretty significant details that set the stage for the rest of the week. Make sure we have everybody. But the first thing that I notice as I arrive at the Capitol is that the place has been transformed overnight.

Madam Speaker, will there be an formal vote on an impeachment inquiry?

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Madam Speaker? There are even tourists wandering around through the SCIF area, running into reporters. The press corps seems to have somehow doubled. Can any member of Congress walk into the SCIF, right by you, and actually listen to these depositions as testimony? The answer is no. And we actually saw it a couple times this week, when Republicans tried to go in and sit in on these depositions.

But they were not on the committees that are leading the investigation. And therefore, under the committee rules, they ended up getting kicked out. And they can all go and sit in. In one case, one Democrat came out and basically broke the rules and just talked about what was happening completely. Here is a senior State Department official responsible for six countries, one of which is Ukraine —. All of the people charged with policy in Ukraine were replaced, apparently, after a May 23rd meeting at the White House organized by Mick Mulvaney, not John Bolton or Pompeo.

The import of this testimony is deeply disturbing, especially the role of Rudy Giuliani.