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  1. Know when to leave well enough alone
  2. leave well enough alone
  3. Why can’t we leave well-enough alone? – Erin Entrada Kelly
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An indiepop classic from a decade ago, only available on sold-out physical media, is now available again, remastered specially for Bandcamp. Individ by The Dodos.

Know when to leave well enough alone

A guitar-driven, raucous 6th record, made as they finished up their last LP, Carrier, in order to stay on the right epic path. Don't Dwell by Star Parks. Erudite chamber pop that hearkens back to the elegant and experimental production of the s, swinging from melancholia to playfulness. The Big Freeze by Laura Stevenson. Gorgeous indie folk from Laura Stevenson glows with intimacy and warmth.

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  3. Leave Well Enough Alone.

Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. Join now to receive all the new music Whisperhawk creates, including 5 back-catalog releases, delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android. Should this procedure be performed on you? Ironically, the primary service we offer them is relentless testing to establish whether they are, in fact, sick.

We screen for early forms of diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, hepatitis, vascular disease and, of course, cancer. But this assumption may be wrong. Because early disease detection means more people become patients. Inevitably some will be treated needlessly and suffer as a result.

Just because we harbor these early forms of disease doesn't mean that they will ever affect our health. Other diseases may not progress at all. Prostate cancer is the classic example. Yet only four in 1, will die from prostate cancer in the next 10 years. How can this be? Because prostate cancer isn't just one disease: It's a spectrum of disorders. Some forms of prostate cancer grow very rapidly and kill men.

And we found a great deal: Roughly 2 million cases were diagnosed in this period -- almost a million more than would have been without the test.

leave well enough alone

Did prostate cancer screening help men? To be honest, we aren't sure about the net effect. There has been a small decline in the death rate from prostate cancer, but this may simply reflect that our treatments are better. Millions have been biopsied who otherwise wouldn't have been. Many with nonprogressive disease have been turned into cancer patients unnecessarily. Most have been treated, and many have suffered ill effects. A few have even had their lives shortened by treatment.

Why can’t we leave well-enough alone? – Erin Entrada Kelly

This is the reality of early detection. A few may be helped, because their disease is destined to cause problems and because early treatment is able to solve those problems in a way that later treatment cannot. What's next? Consider CAT scans of the chest to look for lung cancer.

leave well enough alone

Incredibly, nonsmokers were almost as likely to have lung cancer as smokers. Is smoking getting safer? Of course not.

Robert Cray - Leave Well Enough Alone

Everyone agrees that smoking is far and away the most important cause of lung cancer. The CAT scans were simply labeling some people as lung cancer patients who otherwise would never be affected by a few abnormal cells. Why not treat these patients -- just to be safe?

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Because some people die from treatment. In the Mayo Clinic study comparing lung cancer screening using chest X-rays to standard care, more people in the screening group were told that they had lung cancer. And some think we should scan the whole body. But the harder we look, the more we find.