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  1. What does it take to be an organizer of a WooCommerce meetup?
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The advice and experience on picking meetup topics is fairly universal - ask your members. Valerie Runde sums it up for us with:. The approach to lining up guest presenters is as varied as the skits on Saturday Night Live.

What does it take to be an organizer of a WooCommerce meetup?

Overall, it seems to be a case of personal style, rather than a particular method, that works best. Our experts share their own thoughts on finding speakers and presenters too:. With your topic and speaker lined up, finding a place for your meetup now becomes top priority. Most groups meet at offices, coworking spaces or local bars. As far as our group goes, we make an effort to hold a few meetups in the surrounding suburbs so that we can reach the greater Philadelphia area.

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Send an email with helpful details a day or two before the meetup to ensure that your attendees find your meetup without trouble the day of. After creating the event on meetup. Let your coworkers know about each event and invite them to each one. Invite local clients and if your company has an email newsletter, no harm in including it in that either if you can swing it , bonus points if the email has a segment for local subscribers.

Speaking of email, use the email feature on Meetup.

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Include helpful tips on parking, if there will be food or drinks provided, if its a suite inside of a building, etc. Yet the most important and most impactful way to promote your meetup is your attendees talking with their friends and coworkers about the quality content and relationships that were forged by attending. Only 4 of the 6 meetup group organisers said that they ever had sponsorship and none said they had consistent sponsorship.

David Dylan Thomas shared that:. I hope to one day attend your Content Strategy meetup, please invite me! From the practical,. Have a question not answered here? Reach me on twitter nicolecherieh. After obtaining a M. Content Creation. Content Operations. Content Process. Content Strategy.

Do some research

All meetups must adhere by the Code of Conduct. Starting a Meetup. WooCommerce pays any dues from meetup. Organizers are listed as co-organizers, as are any existing co-organizers. We ask that you remove any requirements to join. WooCommerce meetup groups are open to all who are interested.

A Guide To Popular Meetup Groups In Florence

We ask that any member of the group be allowed to organize events rather than the organizers acting as gatekeepers. If someone wants to organize a Saturday morning coffee shop get-together that only 5 people attend and you want to organize a more formal presentation for 80 people, both of those are valued by us. What does it take to be an organizer of a WooCommerce meetup?

You will be responsible for finding a donated venue that is appropriate for the number of people and location of the attendees. It does not need to be specific to WooCommerce but it does need to relate to WooCommerce in some way. For example, a talk on eCommerce marketing. You may need to find a sponsor to cover costs of the venue, food, and drinks.

A company can host a meetup as a sponsor but the meetup is organized and run by an individual. We ended up pivoting half way through and having the instructor just give a demo of the language. The title says it all. We were trying to do too many things in a short amount of time. Even though the instructor was knowledgeable, the learners eyes started to glaze over and it seemed like they left more confused than before. Running a meetup is both rewarding and time consuming. Learn Forum News. Welcome to Developer News. This is a free, open source, no-ads place to cross-post your blog articles.

Read about it here. Gwendolyn Faraday Read more posts by this author. Tweet this to your followers. In the beginning The first few meetings we had were filled with code and coffee.

A note about Meetup. Tech interview practice We recruited nine local developers with experience giving technical interviews. Participant reviews from the meetup This event included practice answering various types of interview questions as well as a whiteboarding component. Mini Hackathons Collaboration is such an important skill to master. A team showing off what they built For the event, people can either choose whom they work with or randomly be selected for a team.

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How To Organise A Successful Meetup Group

Mental Health Meetup Mental health is something that no one really wants to talk about even though it disproportionately affects the tech industry source. Ed speaking at the meetup about mental health in the developer community Ed Finkler from Open Sourcing Mental Illness came and spoke with us about how we can properly help people and open up discussions about these problems in the workplace.

I still feel bad about that one. In the future, we may have an online environment already set up before the event for participants to use. Intro to Node and Express with Mongo The title says it all. Tips for Running Meetup Groups Based on my experience, here are a few tips for running successful meetup groups.