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Anti-Corrosion Protection by Coatings
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  2. (PDF) CORROSION RESISTANCE | Professor Dr. Loutfy H . Madkour -
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  4. Surface Engineering at High Temperature: Thermal Cycling and Corrosion Resistance

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September 27, January ; 1 : In this study, the effect of different boriding parameters on some mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of AISI H11 steel, which is extensively used in hot and cold processing applications, was investigated. Depending on the treatment condition, the thickness, surface hardness, and R a values of the coatings were ranged The corrosion resistance was observed to be related to the phase structure, coating thickness, surface roughness, and the density of the boride layers.

There is found to be an increase in the corrosion resistance up to almost 65 times after the boriding process, due to the barrier effect of the grown boride layers such as B 2 O 3.

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(PDF) CORROSION RESISTANCE | Professor Dr. Loutfy H . Madkour -

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Previous Article Next Article. We declare we have no competing interests. The authors thank CONACyT for the financial support granted for the development of this research through the project no. Subsequent to acceptance, the authors indicated a number of minor changes to their manuscript were required.

These changes were assessed and approved by the Editors prior to publication. The authors have made the preprint i. This article has been edited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, including the commissioning, peer review process and editorial aspects up to the point of acceptance. Login to your account. Forgot password? Keep me logged in. New User. Change Password. Old Password. New Password. Create a new account.

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Open Access. View PDF. Adsorption and corrosion inhibition behaviour of new theophylline—triazole-based derivatives for steel in acidic medium 6 R. Section Supplemental Material Review history. Open Access Research articles. Guillermo E. Alejandra M. Abstract The design and synthesis of a series of theophylline derivatives containing 1,2,3-triazole moieties are presented.

Download figure Open in new tab Download powerPoint. References 1. Azzaoui K et al. Karthikeyan S.

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    ptc 2018: "Quality control in the passive corrosion protection - the coating inspector"

    ECS Trans. Molecules 21 , —3— Frisch MJ et al. Wallingford CT: Gaussian Inc.

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    • Zhao Y, Truhlar DG. B , Interfaces 9 , Results Phys. Arab Universit. Basic Appl. Acta 53 , Singh P, Quraishi MA. Mobin M, Rizvi M. Khaled KF. Dryad Digital Repository.

      Surface Engineering at High Temperature: Thermal Cycling and Corrosion Resistance

      Figures Related References Details. Decreasing in efficiency as temperature increased also results from the decreasing in viscosity of the inhibitor solution then increasing the diffusion of ions in solutions and the decreasing the stability of protective film on metal surface that leads to decrease the activity of the inhibitor. Increasing temperature also increases the diffusion of ions in solutions and decrease the stability of protective film on metal surface which leads to decrease activity of the inhibitor.

      But at The inhibition characteristics of compound ASC were studied for iron corrosion in formation water. Electrochemical Tafel polarisation and EFM method was applied. Polarisation measurements showed that the compound ASC acted as cathodic inhibitor. The surfactants chemisorbed on the electrode surface without modifying the mechanism of anodic and cathodic reactions.

      The cathodic process is activation controlled even in the presence of surfactant. The inhibition efficiency of the surfactants generally increases with the increasing in surfactant concentration. From these results the ammonium sulfonated castor oil ASC can be used as anti-corrosion inhibitor for pipeline of crude oil. Journals by Subject. Journals by Title.